What is My name is ink?

My Name Is Ink is a collaborative art project for a good cause. It is the first collaborative writing project with the intention to write a book with 5000 people under an exquisite corpse technique. 100% of the profit generated by the sales of the sentence, the project and community will go to charities fighting illiteracy. Once written, your sentence will also have the opportunity to mint it in order to couple it with a digital piece of art or NFT, engraved on the blockchain forever.


How Can I write a sentence ? How does it work ?

Go to mynameisink.org click on write a sentence, purchase one and complete the story of My Name Is Ink. To understand where the story is going, you will have access to a limited number of sentences written just before yours. A communal writing technique known as an exquisite corpse.


Will there be a real book?

Yes, one original edition will be printed and sold at auction. Revenue will be split as the rest of the My Name Is Ink revenue. There will also be a limited number of editions available for purchase on the website.


How can I claim the digital piece of art ?

Once written your sentence will be available on Opensea to own it you will just have to mint it at a floor price of 0 and only pay the gaz fee related to the minting process.


What is your mission ?

My Name Is Ink is a philanthropic project that stands firmly behind the importance of literacy as a tool to free the human spirit. Through this collaborative project we will underline the two essential tools that hold our civilizations together: reading and writing.


What are the funds used for ?

The ambition is to support charities, the community and beyond. 100% of the benefits will be donated to a few selected charities that fight against illiteracy across the world.


What are the important dates to remember ?

Purchase your write to buy a sentence as of today and come and write it as from the 8th of September 2023 the world literacy day.


How can I be involved in the project ?

Join us now on our Instagram or Twitter channels. You can also apply to be part of the early birds to be one of the first to write your sentence in the project. We can't wait to discover your thoughts on the project!