My Name Is Ink an artistic project for good cause. We want to co-write a book with 5000 people around the world, each buying a sentence and writing it under an exquisite corpse technique. 100% of the profits made from the sale of the sentences will be donated to charities fighting illiteracy.

5000 sentences

Five thousand sentences will be released to be written by you and four thousand nine hundred ninety-nine other souls. By writing a story all together, My Name Is Ink wants to give you a chance to create an incredible story that could inspire creators across the globe. A book made without any consideration for borders, skin color, education, religious belief or age.

Exquisit Corpse

The only guidance you need is found in the previous ten sentences. You will be part of a communal writing technique. Limiting your contribution to 180 characters ensures it will be impactful, as critical to the story as the previous sentence and the following on

With a purpose

My Name Is Ink is a philanthropic initiative that will redistribute 100% of the profits to the World Literacy Foundation fighting illiteracy around the world. As a collective of creatives, we strongly believe that reading and writing are essential tools for human beings to better themselves and realize their true potential. Our ambition is to create a world where the access to reading and writing is not a privilege but a fundamental right. Do you want to know more? Visit our partners section (clickable link to charities).

Book Release

Once the story is told, the book will be printed and published. The first print will be sold at auction and only ten original copies will be distributed to a selected few. The 5.000 writers of My Name Is Ink will get notified and be able to buy a paperback copy of the book. Don’t forget, every sentence of this piece of literature will be a piece of art in itself, one for you to create and to own. Finally, you will get the opportunity to have your name engraved on the cover, just follow the steps while purchasing your sentence to do so.

Digital Art

The project will visually represent your contribution and thank you for bringing awareness to literacy by creating an image of your sentence, a piece of art for you to own, that certifies your participation in the experience and links you to the community of My Name Is Ink. Choose your words wisely as they will influence the whole story and represent the part you played in this amazing experience.