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In a distant future, the last human on Earth able to read and write has decided to restore the written word to civilisation. This young girl’s name is Ink, named after the stains of the dark blue liquid that covers her fingers. She lives in a reclusive community in the mountains with no access to technology.

After the great revolution, humans abandoned reading and writing, choosing instead to communicate solely through thought. This was enabled thanks to neurotransmitters lodged inside their brains. Humans thrived on this technology as everything went faster. But the price to pay for this techno-utopia was heavy.

The growing illiteracy rate robbed them of the ability to communicate complex ideas and deep emotions, erasing their capacity for critical thinking. The leaders of this new world took advantage and started spreading fake news and false truths across the globe to rule as dictators. Unable to discern reality from fiction, society slipped into chaos, mayhem, and was on the brink of collapse.

Ink, furious and determined, has decided to lead a small group in revolution to overthrow the overlords, but time is not on their side. A militia put together by the powers in place sets out to burn every last remaining book on Earth

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