A limited number of maximum 5.000 people will have the opportunity to write a sentence in My Name Is Ink. Remember, by writing a sentence you will not only contribute to the story but also support the World Literacy Foundation.


01 - Buy your sentence

Purchase your sentence today and confirm your details. The writing of the book will be launched on the 8th of September 2023.By giving a little extra to the project and the World Literacy Foundation, you can get your name on the book cover with all the celebrities that have participated.


02 - Write your sentence

Starting on the 8th of September 2023, login and add your sentence to the story. Click on write a sentence and take part in the My Name Is Ink experience.


03 - Before writing

We strongly encourage you to read the story pitch, the guide and the ten sentences that come before you to get some context, this will only take 10 minutes. The rest is up to you.


04 - Digital art

The sentence you have written will be available on Opensea to mint on the blockchain and thus making it a digital piece of art.


05 - Spread the word

Share your sentence on social networks. Use your voice to increase the value of My Name Is Ink and by this effect; your personal gain and donations to the World Literacy Foundation.


06 - Order the book

Pre-order the My Name Is Ink book by clicking here